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    Message to everyone!


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    Message to everyone! Empty Message to everyone!

    Post by Gibarix on Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:32 pm

    I strongly suggest you join the We $laughter nOObs IRC!
    As of now there is not many people in the IRC

    server: Gamesurge
    channel: #wsn

    To the members of W$N ;
    Get in the irc! We need more OPs
    To become OP you must have a gamesurge account and must be signed in
    to sign in you type:

    /authserv auth USERNAME PASSWORD

    Deebz im mad at you xD
    You came into #wsn and you said two things
    Deebz: !op
    Deebz: !op

    Two days in the channel and thats all you managed to say :p
    Its okay Very Happy
    Please please please be active on IRC as well!

    Any questions, problems?
    Contact either Misty whos owner of the channel
    Or myself whos co-owner
    We are on #wsn almost everyday


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