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We would like to welcome everyone to our clan forum!! W$N (We $laughter Noobs) is a dedicated Assault Cube Clan.

W$N IRC channel: irc.gamesurge.net #wsn

W$N History:

W$N started when two friends, Def@ult, and AuntJemima wanted to start a clan of their own in the times of v.93. W$N was born on Febuary 29, 2008 which so happened to be on a leap year. They started with a few good members, but then grew to something much more. After about 6 months, the two founders were not able to keep up with what they started due to life situations. Atom!c took over and started to recruit skilled, active members. Not too long after, the clan needed new administrators if it was going to survive. A long vote was held and a decision was finally reached. Headshot and Deebz were appointed the new leaders of W$N. The clan thrived, until headshot abused his administrative powers. Headshot started to make enemies with many of the well known allied clans. There was a plot to destroy W$N, until it was revealed. A secret clan vote was held and the clan reached a decision to take away headshots administrator position. A new administrator was voted in, Jenosider. With no servers and a struggling reputation, W$N still made its way to become a well known and respected Assault Cube Clan. Despite the clans history, we now thrive with plenty of clan servers and many members. W$N is in the official BC Server Share, and we now offer our own W$N Server Share to trusted well known members of the community. Due to some inactivity, the clan is not what it use to be but it is on its way back to the top.


W$N's new member is FireDeath|W$N|!!! Congratulations! If you want to join us, create an application! Recruit is still open!


Who is Tello? Find the answer here :)

Wed Feb 20, 2013 3:00 pm by Tello

Hello W$N, I'm Tello as you know me. I joined much clans such as |40+| !sK^ =3K= and those who are known as normal/intermediates I think myself as a guy you don't find anywhere. I had much battles with hard people, I learn and learn and still learn like what some guys say "It doesn't matter how good are you, there will still be a couple and millions better". I'm trying to say in this paragraph …

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Tue Feb 05, 2013 2:00 am by FireDeath

If you know Me then conagrats if not listen up

I am not like other people, I'm what u call unique, not the strange way Well anyway

My names kameron , I'm 15 and live in Union City Georgia Usa, really small city , I am sports addict. And go to same school Eric Berry went to ( Eric Berry had those cleats comerical , play safety for the. KC Chiefs , rookie I believe, My brother played on same …

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About My Playing

Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:49 am by Tello

Hi guys, I've played ac for 3 years and I like playing with people at Official Servers (BoB and DES) and my favorite weapon is ar, I try keep aiming with him at the enemy when he moves/jumps etc.. cuz you know guys, when you keep shooting it becomes crazy, that's about main gaming and you know I hope be accepted as a member in W$N and I have btw some screenshots playing with ppl but I don't …

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Im back to get me Some FRAGS&GIBS !

Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:11 am by Ale

Hey There W$N sorry about the Very Late Post, and being innactive For a Very Long time . due to computer Problems And Headed of to the Islands For Months, but now I back In bidness ! Hope Im still a part of this Family cyclops Shocked

# |W$N|Ale-G or Just #Ale-G Razz
- Sweet Toodles Smile

Hey Im S.N.I.P.E.R

Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:07 am by S.N.I.P.E.R

whats up cheers

I'm back in business baby!

Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:44 pm by Lord

Welcome back Brutal Very Happy Its nice to see that your active again!

Hi i'm Shion

Sun Jul 10, 2011 10:02 pm by Shion

Hello I'm Shion,i'm counsin of Revenge
i not speak much english and Revenge
help me in all,but i like this clan
and i try to join

Sorry bad english.


Introducing Heru

Sun Jun 26, 2011 1:46 pm by Heru

Hey guys,
Since I am applying for the clan, it would be nice if you had a little background information on me.

My name is Julian DaRosa and I live in the depths of South Jersey(No not Jerey Shore but close to it).

Before I lived in Connecticut and my parents found a better job in South Jersey, oddly enough.I am 17 years old and love my life. I work as a waiter and I plan to go to college in …

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Hey Guy's,Remember Me? :]

Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:27 pm by ...

I'm Revenge! :}
my old account is desactivated ;/
i'm sorry for the time out,i have to much
things to resolution,univerisity,studs..

But i "want" to return to the clan
on my old Nick .. .Revenge|W$N|

or the nick i use today AvadaKedavra|W$N|,relax,i don't use now the nick,it's a sugestion only. (i think is to much big,maybe i use the #AK|W$N|)

I hope you …

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