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    Please READ FIRST before applying!


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    Please READ FIRST before applying!  Empty Please READ FIRST before applying!

    Post by Deebz on Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:22 am

    Rules for joining W$N!


    1. You cannot be blacklisted on the public blacklist for ANY reason.

    2. We DO NOT accept any cheaters/hackers into our clan or the community.

    3. You must be mature,dedicated, and active.

    4. We would prefer recruits who have played for more than 6 months, but depending on skill and attitude we might be able to make an acception.

    5. We now have an age limit of 16 years old and over. (we might be able to make an acception, under certain circumstances) .

    6. You now must be invited to apply to W$N.


    In your application please include the following:

    1. Your ac name, any other names you have used in the past, and any previous clans:

    2. Your real name(first name is fine) and sex (male or female):

    3. Your age and location:

    4. How long have you played ac:

    5. Your favorite map/mode:

    6. Your favorite weapon:

    7. If you know anyone from W$N:

    8. How did you hear about the clan:

    9. Why do you want to join W$N:

    10. What traits can describe you as a person:

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